Fundraising Leadership

Required course

  • Effective Leadership, Successful Fundraising – Explore how to develop a compelling vision, lead change, and coach implementation. Lead your team effectively and lead up to your supervisor and board of directors persuasively. This course will teach you how to lead with confidence!

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  • Empowering Generosity: Understanding Philanthropy & Fundraising – This course will introduce a fresh perspective on the significance and purpose of philanthropy, inspired by the conceptual framework created by Robert Payton. Philanthropy and generosity are inherent qualities that unite us, motivating us to join nonprofit organizations and make a difference. Fundraising plays a crucial role in transforming these values into impact by providing the necessary financial support. Strengthen your leadership skills by learning how effective fundraising channels generosity into philanthropic impact.
  • The Art of Fundraising – Our founder, Dr. Henry Rosso, defined fundraising as “the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” This course goes beyond the specific tools and techniques of fundraising to teach the “amazing skills” of fundraising such as active listening, empathy, emotional intelligence, and additional others-focused skills that are central to connecting with donors and understanding their motivations.
  • Fundraising Ethics – Fundraising occurs at the speed of trust. This course teaches and applies ethical principles that form the foundation of trusting relationships with donors.
  • Purposeful Boards, Powerful Fundraising – Fundraising success depends on organization-wide efforts from the leadership of the board to the dedication of front-line staff. This course focuses on the role the board plays in fundraising and how to best structure the organization to support this role. Board members and staff will work collaboratively to develop an action plan to improve the culture of philanthropy in your organization, improve board recruitment and training, and ensure the organization has a solid case for support. We recommend that a staff person and a board member attend together but it’s not a requirement for the course.

Whether you currently are in a leadership position or aspire to be, the Certificate in Fundraising Leadership will allow you to develop and strengthen your leadership abilities.  

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The cost of the program is based on individual course prices. No other fees apply.

No. These are noncredit professional development courses which do not require admission to the university.

The courses may be taken in any order that works best with your schedule.

There is no time limit for completing the program. Your certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of your final course.

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