Study Away Course

Experiential learning with The Patterson Foundation

The Future of Work in the Philanthropic Sector is a “study away” course for undergraduate and graduate students created in collaboration with The Patterson Foundation. Participants learn how sustainable organizations are built, how to develop innovative partnerships, and what competencies and qualities future leaders will need. You will also experience firsthand how an innovative foundation brings about positive change.

Led by IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy faculty, this course meets weekly on the IU campus and culminates with a spring break Study Away experience in Sarasota, FL. This intensive week-long session is led by The Patterson Foundation staff and consultants, and connects students with local nonprofits to gain and apply knowledge to course topics through practical experience. The experiential nature of the course offers a unique opportunity to live philanthropic work in real environments.

Questions explored during the course

  • What may the philanthropic sector look like in the future?
  • What will it take to build sustainable organizations tackling systemic problems within our local communities, country, and the world?
  • How are innovative partnerships begun and sustained?
  • What competencies and qualities will leaders of the future need?
  • What ideas, questions, and recommendations do thought leaders have about the future of the philanthropic sector?
  • Why are foundations different from other nonprofits?

Topics addressed during this course and study away week include:

  • Inspiring Philanthropy – Fueling Dynamic Fundraising
  • Aligning Aspirations in Digital Access – Digital Access for All

Undergraduate students will register for PHST P430 and graduate students will register for PHST P530.

Deadline and application

Deadline to apply is October 11. You must be in good academic standing to be eligible to apply. In order to be considered for participation in the study away course, please complete the application below.