Credibility matters

Help donors and potential employers understand the depth and breadth of your skills, experience, and dedication to ethical fundraising and nonprofit leadership by completing one of our certificate programs.

Completing our certificate demonstrates your dedication to the profession—you keep learning and do extra work in addition to your job.
You set ambitious goals for yourself and see them through to completion.
Completing our certificate shows you’ve made a personal commitment to continuing your fundraising education.
You bring additional value to your organization.
Credentials are an indication to donors that you understand the importance of the role of fundraising in your organization’s management structure.
It shows your organization’s commitment to hiring and nurturing knowledgeable fundraisers who are dedicated to ethical fundraising practices.
Providing professional development opportunities for fundraising staff demonstrates the organization’s understanding that fundraising is a management function that requires expertise.
Talent can be invisible. Credentials are common across professions. The Fund Raising School’s Certificate in Fund Raising Management is recognized around the world.