Experiential Learning

Experience. Act. Reflect.

When it comes to the field of philanthropy, academic and practice-informed experience matters. We treat field exploration outside of the classroom as essential to every student’s understanding—you get to apply what you’ve learned from us out in the world, and then spend time reflecting on it. That’s why internships are integral to our undergraduate and master’s program curriculum—we expect you to earn some of your course credit on the job. You might even to decide to develop a global view through study abroad, or experience what an innovative foundation is like firsthand through a unique “study away” course we offer in partnership with the Patterson Foundation.

Are you an AmeriCorps alum?

If you’ve participated in the AmeriCorps program, you’ve already demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy. We take that—and all you have learned in field—seriously. We offer a dollar for dollar match of your Segal Education Award, as well as course credit.

AmeriCorps alumns